The Art Gallery Guardian


1 Technology

  1. The source of the blog is on a git repository.
  2. html files are hosted on GitHub Pages.
  3. The blog source is compiled by hakyll.
  4. The content is written use my variation of Pandoc’s Markdown, I call it ChaoDoc.
  5. Coded most of the things in Sublime Text 3.
  6. The theme is Tarski with few changes.
  7. The math are shown with KaTex, rendered offline.
  8. The heading themes are similar to Connections in Combinatorial Optimization, and the remaining themes are similar to Categories for the Working Mathematician. The symbols are of KaTeX.
  9. To compile just ChaoDoc.hs, you need pandoc and citeproc. To compile the site.hs, additionally you need hakyll.
  10. For the homepage, I generate with python. Needs to run pip install pyyaml mistune jinja2 bs4 on a new machine.
  11. KaTeX offline compilation. Requires katex_cli. Build it and copy the executable into the base directory, and name it katex_cli.
  12. Make sure install llvm 13 for things to work correctly. This will be an issue until Hakyll start to work for higher pandoc version.

2 Notes