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I’ve secured funding for 2024-2027, and positions for postdocs and research assistants are available.

Note that the postdoc and research assistant system in China differs from other parts of the world in terms of conditions, funding, etc. We accept applications year-round.

My work focuses on combinatorial optimization problems, specifically graph cuts and matroid optimization.

To apply, simply send me your CV and intended starting/ending time.

1 Postdocs

The postdoc position typically lasts 1-2 years and can be extended. There is an opportunity to convert to a permanent research position upon completion. The start date for this position is flexible. Applicants should have a PhD in computer science, mathematics, operations research, or a related field.

The salary is competitive, and we can assist you in applying for additional funding through talent programs.

Ideal candidates should be interested in one or more of the following topics:

However, candidates interested in theoretical computer science and/or combinatorial optimization in general are also encouraged to apply.

2 Research Assistant

I’m seeking someone skilled in implementing mathematical algorithms and proficient in experimenting with mathematical ideas using computational tools. The start date for the research assistant position is very flexible.